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Advanced Mediumship workshop In Didsbury Alberta (30 min north of Calgary) with former head instructor of one of Canada's largest licensed psychic schools in the country. This is a full day workshop from 10 am to 5 pm with lunch served. Small class with lots of hands on activity.

We will be taking your mediumship to the next level. This is not for beginners.

Many mediums have a basic understanding of  Spirit and how it works.  Many get confused between a psychic  and a medium. Today is all about mediumship and learning some really bad habits that the PSYCHIC aspect that can make you doubt your readings and even shut down to that dreaded... "I am blank".  Over her decades long career, your instructor, Angel Rogers, will decode for you the main neurological block that is stopping you from achieving your true potential and why you may want to rethink the long held advice of only working with the right side of the brain for these activities. As a hypnotherapist, Angel will help you to deprogram yourself from something much deeper than self doubt.


 Learn how to do a true evidential medium reading. Evidential is about giving proof of life after death including physical appearance, personality and even how they passed.  One of the most important parts is to learn what type of medium you are and to work with the flow instead of against it. Find your strongest gifts and learn to use your other gifts to support your strengths.


The workshop will be customized to the students depending on your desires as a group. . The group will decide what is most important for them to learn. Want names? What kind of specifics are you looking for?  


Lunch will be served as well as tea and some snacks. I have the top of the line water filter that will oxygenate your water to help keep your brain hydrated as we will be flexing some newer parts of the brain than normal so bring a water bottle and even a larger jug if you want to take some of it home. People sell this grade of healing water for $7 at health food stores, but drink up today and feel the difference.

Different types of mediumship and which is right for you will start our day

Group hypnotherapy to bring in a master guide for mediumship specifically

Learn how to do a self healing routine with the Angels to break the habit of being able to help others but not yourself as much. How to get passed the doubt

Refining the messages for more detailed messages.


Please note that we are having a small class, so there will be no refunds if you sign up. Your signing up takes a spot from somebody else. When. you sign up you will be sent the address of the workshop.  Feel free to email me once you paid with what you are hoping to gain from the workshop so I can start some ideas flowing now.


I work with white light healing energies including Archangel Michael, Thoth, and higher dimensional beings of light from other dimensions.


You dont need to bring anything with you but your water bottle. Feel free to bring items with you that help you to be comfortable like a cushion, crystals or your own creative flair. This is a time to share, to grow and to improve. 

Advanced Mediumship Workshop. In Person in Didsbury