Are you an empath that is surrounded by negative people or situations?

This is an amazing piece of Angelic Protection for you.


The geode in this captures the energy and holds it.. kind of like an energy trap.
The beautiful crystals in side then transmute the energy into positive, radiant healing love.

This piece was hand wrapped in rose gold plated wire by a Crystal Angel healer.and charged with healing energy for the buyer.

Angel Aura Quartz is an uplifting spiritual stone that invites angel guidance, deep peace during meditation and purification.

Angel Aura promotes joy, light & optimism.

Angel Aura is used to:

Activate the throat chakra
Find your personal purpose
Channel higher knowledge
Reach deeper meditative states
Open awareness to the angel domain

Angel Aura Druzy Crystal Healing Necklace For Empaths: Archangel Healing...

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