Master Alignment Necklace
Did you know that Auralite is a master crystal? It's an amazing thing! It's pretty much your one stop energy shop, but it can understandably be a lot for some people.

Fear not! 

I have specifically chosen to pair Black Tourmaline (incredible grounding stone) and Purple Andara (restores faith in self) with the master crystal Auralite to balance out the strength of its vibration. 

You got this. You are worthy. You are strong. 

Power crystal
Master Channelling crystal
Self Acceptance 
Self Confidence
Healing energy for empaths
Balancing energy for Indigos
Awakening power for Light workers
Connection to home for Starseeds as a meteor landed on this spot and the minerals soaked into the crystal
Connects to Angelic Realm
Brings Calmness
Cools temper
Helps those to think before speaking
Clears all chakras
Opens crown chakras
Aids intuitive abilities
Brings ancient knowledge
Removes fear of own power
Helps to be compassionate and not judgemental
Inner purification
Mystic truths
Lucid Dreaming
Stay grounded while awakening 
Helps remember past lives
Releases old karmic patterns
Heals inner child
Helps bring abundance
Heals heart chakra
Deep Meditation 
Helps headaches
Aids muscle pain
Revives life force
Phew.. thats intense.

Purple Andara 
andara helps you to open to your true potential and leave the pain and suffering behind.  It is a stone of spiritual transmutation, helping you to shed the past, the guilt, the shame, the mistakes, the low self esteem and feelings of abandonment.  It helps to realign you to your true spiritual purpose and clears time lines for you.  Many of us have suffered enough and St Germain knows this, wearing his stone helps to remove blockages and open your intuition to divine healing from higher sources of love and light that are see you through the eyes of God and all your perfection and glory.  Restores your faith in yourself and gives you a guide you can trust to move you through hard times to better times and share your knowledge with others if you so choose. 

Black Tourmaline
Black tourmaline is an emf protector and helps keep the bad ions from landing on your energy that can make you feel anxious.  It draws negative energy away from not just your body but environment.  If you do it out of fear or anger, you will generate more fear and anger.  It must be done out of love.

Auralite, Black Tourmaline & Purple Andara Necklace - Master Alignment Necklace

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