Unique Crystal Ball Ring.

Adjustable set in Pewter Metal.

Angel Aura crystal ball sets off the silver with a beautiful glow.


Fine floral and vine design.

This piece is perfect for gift giving too because the band is adjustable so you dont need to know the size.

Great for people with arthritis who have large knuckles and cannot get the band over the knuckle 
without being too lose on the finger.


You can wear it on different fingers even. Comes with an information card that explains what each finger represents when wearing a ring on it.


A circle represents wholeness, being complete and sends out energy in all directions around you and through you.


Angel Aura is an attunement crystal and can assist to remember and heed attention to surrounding beauty of nature and spirit. Angel Aura is imbued with divine energies that facilitate contact with the Angelic Realms and Spirit Guides. Angel Aura Quartz Crystal is a master healer bringing the light body into balance.

Crystal Ball Ring. Adjustable, Set In Pewter. Angel Aura Perfectly Clear Crystal

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