Gold Druzy crystal set in solid sterling silver.

Really interesting bail on top. Large bail so can fit a larger necklace if you choose.

Gold is the colour of enlightenment.  This piece is designed to help those with impulse control and act before they think.. or are very reactive and then feel bad about it.  It is said gold druzy captures energies that you normally react to and capture them to give you a moment to not live the same karma patterns that are stopping you from ascending 

Druzy crystals have been used to induce creativity and relaxation, as well as to help with emotional problems. They are filled with tiny crystal points that spread and direct energy in every single direction of each crystal point. They all wonderful at moving large amounts of energy at once and are a fantastic stones for anyone searching for an energetic boost! 

Gold Aura clears blockages from the subtle body and then smoothes and calms the energy. Imperial Gold Aura facilitates confidence, clarity of thought, inner strength, vitality and focus. A highly spiritual crystal, Gold Aura transforms negative thinking into the purest spiritual thought forms.

Druzy Pendant. Gold Aura Set In Solid Sterling Silver. Self Care, Spirituality

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