Are you an Indigo Adult that feels at wits end because of the society you are to live in?  Are you sick of the liars, the back stabbers and the people who have no integrity and wonder what the hell you are here for?

This bracelet was channeled by the universe through Angel for those indigos that feel they have reached wits end and need some support.


Nuummite is the sorcerer's stone and instantly transmutes energy and grounds you into YOUR true nature and does not pull you into others energy.  It helps you to stay online with your soul purpose and remember who you are and allows the introvert to be more social and the empath to be more grounded.  Extremely grounding stone as it is from the centre of the earth and the oldest crystal on the planet.

It was considered so powerful in the 1500s that if you had a piece you were beheaded as a heritic as having a stone this powerful.. you must want to overtake the church or throne they thought 

Blue Kyanite is a very high vibrational stone that balances and clears your energy.  it helps to align your energy to this planet in a healthier way and bridges the gap between  where you are and where the rest of humanity is .  Helps you to be more patient to others and more patient with yourself as you re remember your journey.   Intuition, astral travelling, healing, lucid dreaming and connecting to your higher  mind.

Increases telepathy and ability to communicate.

Includes an audio class for Indigo Adults worth $40 on its own as a gift from the Psychic School to help those indigos in need.


The wolf charm reminds you that you will never be broken (please leave in note if you want the silver spacings or not).

Indigo Adult Nuummite and Blue Kyanite Wolf Bracelet: Transmute Energy, Find You

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