Angel Wing Bracelet
Crystal Healing Jewelry 
Nice cuff mantra bracelet .  

Angel Wing

herkimer Diamond


Are you suffering from anxiety or depression?  Do you feel you need the energy, support and love of Archangel Michael?
This bracelet is adjustable, nickel free and says

"just breath, peace comes from within"


On one side are genuine sugilite beads that are the stone for Michael.  This loving stone teaches and protects in matters of spiritual quests, love, and forgiveness.

Protects the soul from shocks and trauma

Clears disappointments and relieves spiritual tension
Brings light and love to the darkest situations
Aids forgiveness by eliminating hostility


Herkimer Diamond is said to be white light energy incarnated on Earth and helps to feel safe, secure and deals with abandonment issues and low self confidence. The Herkimer Diamond is a double terminated crystal (there is a point at each end of the crystal). It is water clear and different from Quartz. It is a very powerful balancer of the body and emotions and should be used carefully. Double terminated equals super power

The Angel wing reminds you that you are never alone and so very loved

Just Breath Adjustable Bangle With Sugilite/Herkimer Diamond. Angel Protection

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