This is a small class with hands on activities and learning opportunities.
In this full day workshop you will learn the ins and outs of learning to become a medical intuitive.  Please note this is not a class for beginners so please have some experience or development classes under your belt


Class will cover


How to unlock your healing potential

Meditation to call in your spiritual healer guides

Find out your medical intuitve type.. yes there are different ones

Explore 4 different ways to receive information with exercises

How to do a self scan

How to develop your TELLS to know where there are disturbances in the body.


We will also learn to tell if the area is affected by past lives or this life and  what 4 catogories the cause of it falls under.


Please feel free to bring your lunch with you.  This will be at a private home with a deck where we can have lunch outside if its nice.  If it is not nice the event is inside anyways so we will be ok.  

I am so excited to see you all again.

Medical Intuitive Workshop

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