This is an amazing piece of meteorite from Russia
It has such an amazing energy and considered to be a bridge to higher awareness
Starseeds will especially love the energy of this as it is a connection to Home

How does it feel to hold a piece of the universe in your hands?  Amazing

Meteorite Crystal comes with very rare and unique properties that are even treated as sacred in some religions as it was considered a gift from God

If you often experience intense stress as many starseeds do feeling responsible for so many things.. most that are not even yours may I say.... use Meteorite Crystal to relieve stress and free your mind of any mental burden.  Starseeds tend to be telepathic and do not just think of one scenario for a situation, but live out 10 different scenarios for the same situation.  This is mentally exhausting

The use of Meteorite Crystal is also very common because of its ability to lessen the chaos in your life and bring stability of all sorts in it. This helps you to stay focused on your path so you do not get caught up in earths karma

If you are someone who easily loses focus and has a very short attention span, regularly using Meteorite Crystal can help you become more focused and enhance your concentration.
Herkimer diamond is an attunement stone that allows you to connect to your divine gifts
and have ultimate protection while doing so.  Some of you may have past life traumas
holding you back and the fear of not being safe is making you feel stuck.
Herkimer diamond is said to be white light incarnated on earth.

Wrapped in solid sterling silver to give strength and energy flow

Meteorite And Herkimer Diamond Crystal Healing Pendant: Spiritual Awakening

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