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Empath Bracelet made custom for you when you order it by a crystal energy healer and encoded with the Pink Ray of unconditional love that is held by Mother Mary.  


12 mm nuummite bead and 10 mm rose quartz beads with stretch cording for some wiggle room.

Includes 10k gold plated lotus flower charm with Swarovski crystal to shine light and the healing energy of the crystals through the light photons through out your body and your aura


This piece is made for people who are sensitive and are suffering because of it.  You want to be safe so you put walls up but then miss the passion in life. You love love, but it has hurt so you are now afraid of it.

Let me clear it up.

Love never hurt you.. people did.  Do not confuse the two. 
You can be more aware instead of protecting yourself all the time.  This combo helps you to protect while not closing yourself off and not feeling so much anxiety. Helps to ground and stay present and end self sabotaging  habits and create a space for self care and self love


As an international psychic medium and trained in the arts of alchemy and transfiguration, I am blessed to be able to incarnate Spirit into crystals to help you communicate and have these amazing energies in your own life.  You now do not have to be classically trained nor professional to have this energy that is meant for all of us to have in our lives.   I sit with each stone and co create.  This one was immediate.  My hand shook when I touched it.


I am always surprised and honoured when I hear the energies come through.  When I heard  Mother Mary, I literally jumped back and almost cried.  The love emitting from this piece was so intense.


 The pink ray represent the heart chakra and this unconditional love Mary has for us all.  She says we must trust God with our heart not the logical mind.  She grants you peace, faith and compassion from a mother who saw her son be brave, risk it all and suffer for us all.  She loved and was hurt.  She was scared and yet was brave.  She was rewarded by God for this and so will you.


  Working with Mary helps women to treasure their divine God like gifts of being able to give birth to life and the responsibility one feels for this.  You feel responsible for so many things that are out of your control that are causing you great suffering.  Put them down and give them to Mary instead.  It helps men to balance their divine feminine and allow them to get in deeper touch with wounds so they can tend to them and let them go but keep the lessons. This will aid you to have healthier relationship with yourself and in turn with those that you love around you including romantic relationships, family, children and even with life.  This is also the colour for Archangel Gabriel which protects mothers and children and is said to deliver messages from Heaven.  You have two energies in one amazing piece.

What is an Empath?  An empath is somebody that feels what another feels, and gives up their feelings for theirs.  You could be happy and if somebody comes in grumpy or angry, you get angry and defensive.   Lets strengthen your aura and energy so you can sympathize instead of empathize.

First mistake most empaths make is that they "protect" themselves.  This puts you in a low vibration of fear and thus calling into your life fearful things.  All the universe gets is that you want to experience protection so you must need something to protect yourself from to experience this.  How about feeling safe and not needing protection instead?  How about feeling love instead?

Rose quartz is a powerful love crystal. It is also one of the few crystals that clears out all chakras not just one.  This keeps your energy field clear.  Its not a shield or a wall, just a simple fact that their energy can move right through you and not stop in yours.  It is a crystal of self worth and self acceptance.  Empaths you must learn how not to take everything so personally and like yourself even if somebody else does not for a moment or two.   Let it pass.  Nothing is permanent.  Rose Quartz reminds you that if you are surrounded by love and joy, you do not need protection because in beauty, evil fades.


The black stone is called Nuummite and is amazing.  It is the oldest crystal on the planet that is 3 billion years old!  It comes from the centre of the Earth during its very creation, so there is nothing more grounding than this crystal.  It immediately reminds you to stay present because you are amazing just the way that you are.  It is also called  "the Philosopher's stone" because of its strong lore of bringing magic into your life.  See the second picture with the flash of green  to it?  You can see how this crystal brings out your gifts and reminds you not to hide because you are beautiful!!!

Nuummite Bracelet with Rose Quartz, Empath Protection

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