Nuummite is the oldest crystal on the planet and is so powerful it is called THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE for its ability to instantly transmute energy.


Warning: it is a powerful stone of magic and must be used with great caution and respect.  Only to be used for good as if not, Mother Earth will have it turn back upon you in quick force of Karma.


You deserve good things.  It is really hard to find nuummite in a pretty display like this so I decided to make it myself out of a wonderful clay, giving it the support of Earth from where it came to help keep you grounded as you use it . Incredible for empaths that need grounding and protection.

The nuummite cabochon is from Greenland.


The nuummite is a beautiful faceted piece to help bounce energy off it and around you, offering amazing protection and energy.

Sterling Silver Beads attached.


I dont want to write too much about this piece because I know the right person is already going WOW
and i dont want somebody that does not appreciate nuummite to not have such a special piece.

Nuummite - Crystal and Clay Necklace Pendant, Gifts for Him, Gifts for Her...

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