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Roman Glass Pendant.

Please note larger pieces like this are worth more and harder to find now. In solid silver.
These are pieces of history and captures a magical time where the gods mingle with the people.  They could bless or curse. Children of the gods were blessed with great success and well being to themselves and their own families.

These pieces were waiting for 3 years to be listed.  WHY?  I wanted them charged in the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that just happened and then release this energy into the Earth as it began to wane.  

This conjunction will not happen for another 40 years...The last time it happened in the moonlight was 800 years ago.

Through ancient rituals given to her by the gods in trance mediumship sessions, Angel has been instructed on how to capture this energy and hold it in place forever for you to use over and over again.  

This conjunction brings us the gifts of manifestation and wealth in joy instead of under the iron whip of others authority over us.  It removes blockages that are holding you back, fears and self sabotaging.  Because it happened at the 0 degree conjunction of Aquarius, it is a fresh start for you and mankind.
For now if you have not risen and taken this opportunity, you can no longer say you are a victim
Jupiter being the god of gods, releases you from the authority of those that keep you in chains and under their own rule instead of your freedom.  He is the son of Saturn, so has learned great skills like discipline and wisdom for success.... but has witnessed how hard it can be on us.  His gift is to help with the success with not just the discipline but with joy so you can enjoy the journey during it not just after it.  He had the power to create laws not just over man but the universe, changing destinies and re writing history.  If it was not in your stars before, working with the energies of Jupiter can change all that.  He would be the equivalent to the Greek God Zeus

The reign of Saturn was seen as a golden age of plenty and peace. He was known as the god of dissolution, time, wealth, agriculture, renewal, and liberation. According to Varro, Saturn comes from “sowing” and the Romans identified him as an agricultural deity similar to the Greek god, Cronos. He was the son of Uranus and Gaia and two of his consorts were Ops and Lua. Ops was associated with wealth, abundance, and resources,  This is not just about gaining a windfall of prosperity and abundance but learning how to grow it yourself and never relying on begging again.

Roman glass is exactly as it sounds.  It is actual glass from over 2000 years ago that is found in archeological digs.  The vases, art and glass wear of all kinds were destroyed but pieces of it found.  Glass is a silica crystal.  You will be holding a moment in time.. history and all the faith in the gods that risen from the dirt to be found again.

With permission of the Italian government, the pieces are formed into art work and jewelry to share the passion and energy.  They money is then given back to the archeologists to fund more excavation and education.

Roman Glass has the meaning and properties of restoring the flow of good fortune. It is an amulet to convert "minus energy" to "plus energy".   Our roman glass is unique,  the gods have put our own energies that came from the conjunction on it.  They infused it with the energy of the old to meet the new energies, to take all the lessons learned from the past without the misery to help you in this present moment.  We do NOT have to learn from pain only, we can witness and observe and not make the same mistakes.  Roman Glass that came from this batch are for you to stop repeating karmic mistakes so you can finally be rid of them and ascend. 

It helps breed creativity and success so you can finally move forward to the life you deserve on the chariots of the gods instead of the cobble stone path you keep travelling back and forth back and forth, never seeming to make much headway. 
Helps you to heal from past wounds and trauma and letting go in strength not weakness.  Strong enough to hold on, smart enough to let go.  The gods told us that these pieces are to help see the future issues and gather the knowledge now to avoid them or deal with difficulties later so you can overcome them faster.  Raises confidence, self esteem, an ability to see your true self and opens your gifts up to the level that is best for you at this time so you are not overwhelmed.

Roman Glass is a heritage piece meaning it is sold as antique of ancient antiquity and should be treated as a piece of history not just a pendant.  Because it is glass, please keep separate from other pieces when not wearing so it does not scratch.


3 inches by 1.5. inches

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Roman Glass Pendant. Portal To Roman Gods Jupiter/God of Gods and Jupiter

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