Sunshine Aura Crystal Healing Necklace
Such a beautiful Piece
I sculpted this piece into professional grade clay to return it back to Mother Earth
I felt the clay around the stone was very grounding and bonded the stone to its origins

This piece is to help charge up that solar plexus chakra
Here lays your self confidence and your ability to manifest what you are desiring
You have to have a clear and healthy solar plexus to manifest PROPERLY
if not you will manifest your worries not your desires.

Signs your solar plexus is blocked
-low self esteem
-low self worth
-no drive
-your get up and go got up and left
-hard to make decisions
-seem to have a string of bad luck
-victim mentality

Clusters are so important to those that can feel more than others
You get overwhelmed and sometimes not sure where it is coming from
The need to protect yourself and then feel bad about it builds shame
This builds poor self esteem and this builds lack of abundance and a sense of not feeling worthy of joy

Clusters have little wands pointing in all directions to  help heal past, present and future

The high energy of this sunshine yellow coloured Aura Quartz helps to raise one's vibrational energy so that one has a joy-filled view of the world and can radiate joy whatever situation one finds oneself in. ... Sunshine Aura Quartz helps with energetic healing by bringing a high vibrational energy to one energy fields. Builds confidence, helps you to stop the negative self talk, turns worry into prayer and aids in letting go of things no longer serving you so you can make room for joy

Sunshine Aura. Self Confidence, Manifestation Raw Stone.

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