This is a beautiful and unique pendant.

I choose to use professional grade clay to set the stones to return them back to Earth energy.


The tanzan aura crystal is full of lemurian lines and awakens your hidden gifts.
Helps you to trust yourself and do what is best for you not just everybody else.
It is a crystal that helps those that have been through pain to get up, and shake it off and not live in the past.


Moonstone beads aid with emotional healing, balance and remembering the power in your divine feminine.


Petalite is a high vibration crystal and is often called the Stone of the Angels. Petalite opens one to higher awareness of the cosmic consciousness and the understanding of knowingness. Petalite facilitates ones connection to angels, ascended masters, ancient civilizations, spirit guides and animal totems. Petalite may be used for alignment between the physical plane and the spirit world. Petalite is a very helpful crystal to use for ancestral and family healing.

Tanzan Aura, Moonstone, Petalite Pendant. Set in Clay, Lemurian Crystals...

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