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"OM" is said to be the sound that was emitted during the creation of the Universe.  The sound of all other sounds. Our "OM" is meant to be a place of peace when your little universe has perhaps lost its own, or to maintain your peace.

We had the pleasure of offering this incredible space in the heart of Mission in SW Calgary for 5 amazing years.  Filled with daily classes/workshops, private readings, a sensory deprivation tank, massage therapy, a huge variety of crystals, handmade jewelry & treasures and a beautiful thriving community of like-minded souls.  

Now this experience has moved completely online with our enormous Etsy store for jewelry & crystals.  Angel's famous classes and courses offered on this site on a pay as you go or subscription basis.


Angel is the Owner and Head Instructor at The Home of OM. She was inspired to make a change in the industry when she noticed that the emphasis seemed to be on the practitioner and how good they were instead of how great the client was.


Her abilities have allowed her to become a trusted mentor, friend and a true source to find out how amazing you really are.  Clients and students have walked away with their perspective on life instantly changed, many have moved on to inspire others in the field.


Whether you are just starting out or have been on this journey for many lifetimes, Angel can help enlighten you to who you really are.  The only piece of the puzzle that is missing is YOU!


Angel is proud to be one of only 20 authorized Trilotherapists in North America and has been granted permission by its creator, Zen Master Nissim Amon, to not just practice but also to teach it.  Trilotherapy is a combination of Western psychology and Eastern Buddhism that enlightens one to become fully present in their own lives.


Her certifications include:

  • Angel Medium and Past Life Healer with Doreen Virtue, Phd.

  • Advanced Akashic Record Healer with Linda Howe

  • Trilotherapy Therapist & Teacher representing Zen Master Nissim Amon

  • Qigong Practitioner with Master Lyn

  • Crystaline Angel Healer with Peaceful minds in NYC.

  • Card carrying member Spiritualist National Union of the UK which demands the highest standards of evidential readings and ethics.

  • Colour Therapist with Peaceful Minds

  • Deligate of the Light with Deborah King

  • Quantum Hypnotherapist with Dolores Cannon

  • Advanced Angel Practitioner with Charles Virtue


Discover how amazing YOU are with her help.

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