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Angel Andara Ring in Sterling Silver. Sz 9
Includes Authenticity Card 

This is a deep reflection ring.  We pay extra money for extra precious metal powder like gold to coat the andara. When we do this it gives it a more reflective shine. I love both.. the light rainbow ones and the bright ones. Its a personal choice which one you like.  

This is not just a piece of jewelry, but an energy portal created by Angel, a master channeller and true spiritual alchemist, to co create with your Angels, a portal for their energy to come here on earth and walk with you when you need.  All you have to do is rub the piece with your dominant hand.  The thumb on the front and  index finger behind. Rub in circular motions to create energy and give them permission to access your temporal location and help heal with their divine light

We have finally found access to a master glass cutter with a faceting machine.
The faceting has to be mathematically perfect to reflect the light like this piece does
It is like a magic disco ball with so many lights and reflection of light
This makes the light photons that carry information, not go just into your body but also into your environment. Especially important to those sensitive souls that find themselves in toxic or stressful workplaces where they cannot just get up and leave.

  It is SO hard to capture the flashes of colour on this piece.  When I first got Angel Andara, I never thought of making jewelry, thinking the rainbow effect was just on the outside.  I dropped a piece and it broke.  I saw the colour was through out.  This amazed me.   I had my brother who is so good at cutting stones take his time and shape this one for me.  Cutting and shaping Andara is very hard. It shards and the glass dust can cut you pretty bad.  I finally had some beautiful pieces to share with the world.  This piece are absolutely magical and I know you will feel it as soon as you touch it.  Some of you are probably feeling it right now.

There is no official write up from others about Angel Andara because it is a new find.  What I will do now is channel the energy that it speaks to us from.  As an international medium, hypnotherapist, angel channeller and crystal healer. I feel drawn to do this.

 Angel Andara holds the frequency of the love and light of the Angels.  We carry not just this light but the light of God for all his children.  The different colours that come through remind you that love and His healing comes in many different forms.   We bring to you knowing that you come from this Almighty light.  This crystal does everything you need it to do like the creator can.  To say it does this and not that  defames the structure of what miracles are.  Miracles are what you did not believe could happen, and if they did only through the grace and glory of the Might of God.  This is a human take on the power. of love to manifest and create even more love.

Through the energy of the stone we can tell you what the Angelic Realm wants to bring to you.  A feeling of peace and brotherhood with us, not servitude towards us.  It unlocks your mind to understand that Angels are messengers of God for you to use to bring God's will to mankind.  God's will is always that of love and harmony.  Can we clear fear?  Yes
Can we clear disharmony?  Yes.  Can we allow you to love yourself freely?  Yes.  
We can make claims that this is the most powerful stone, but the fact is that you and your love is the most powerful "crystal".  Through working with the Almighty Father and your own personal army of Angels that dwell in this stone waiting to be unleashed at your mercy and light upon the world, all is possible.  We grant you peace,  We grant you the right to know you are a part of the greater God that makes all things right and good.  We honour your light. We honour your love.  We honour your brotherhood.

Angel Andara Ring With Authenticity Card, Connect To All Archangels At Once

SKU: 828
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