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Angel Aura Crystal Pyramid Set  Infused with the Energies of the 4 Angels named in the Bible at The Archangel Michael vortex in Lake Louise.  This listing is for BOTH crystals

This piece is one of our sought after portal pieces.  This is a piece co created with the Angelic Realm and Angel.  As a Master Trance Angel Medium and Channeler of the Angels for over a decade, Angel uses her training as a true spiritual alchemist and Enochian Magic... PROPERLY.... this piece will connect you directly to the divine Angelic Realm and invite them into your space instead of you trying to go to where they live.
You do not belong there.  Let them come to you.


This pyramids were placed in the waters and due to the sun's reflection on all the colours in it, rainbows flashed for a good 2 feet into the water.  I was going to ask Michael to come but when I saw all the rainbows I asked him which Angel was to hold this space.  He laughed and said "you do understand that we are all one"
He then showed me in science that when you take a prism you can shine white light through it and a rainbow of colours comes through it.  He said God is the light, and his Angels are all reflections.  

I thought... yes so simple yet powerful.  This is the first piece where we have transcribed the energies of all 4 Archangels into one piece... and it wont be the last so dont panic and impulse buy.  This is a piece you will be called to.  

Michael is the Angel of wisdom, protection, justice, courage and strength
Raphael is the Angel of Healing, Helps to heal the heart and those that help others but not themselves 
Uriel is the Angel of Forgiveness and finding a new path of peace and divine guidance from God
Gabriel is the Angel of Messages and is said to bring your prayers to God. protects children and mothers

This are a very high grade angel aura crystals.  Many I have seen online are very cloudy and more mother of pearl finish. It takes more gold and titanium to make this clearer, higher grade finish.
The quartz used to make this is so clear and absolutely beautiful on its own.  
I coveted this piece myself for my private collection... but know this is not my journey this time
It is to give it, not to covvett it
Who ever gets this piece is in for a special and such loving energy from the angels.  

Angel Aura Quartz - Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver, sometimes Gold or other trace metals; exhibits a light blue, rainbow and silvery iridescence like the gossamer wings of angels. It carries a very loving and sweet energy, stimulating the spirit and elevating one’s mood. 

Meditating with this crystal allows one to enter a state of serenity and peace, purification and rest, and to go beyond the body to perceive and receive help from one’s angel guides. Angel Aura assists in remembering lessons from past incarnations and attuning to one’s spiritual purpose. It is a marvelous aid for recognizing beauty, from Nature and Spirit, from within, and in others. Use Angel Aura at the Throat Chakra for loving communications, in romantic pursuits, in caring for children and the aged, and in all healing situations. It may also be used to align and purify all chakras, allowing for the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration.

 Angel Aura is an all-healer, harmonizing one’s energy field with the physical body, and is thought to be particularly helpful for autism, Asperger’s syndrome and the nervous system. It is great for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and for use in Reiki healing, reflexology and shiatsu

What is a Crystal Pyramid?

Built in the holy shape that is revered by history and science, gemstone pyramids are mirror polished pyramid-shaped crystals that generate or amplify energy. They are built for storing and charging energy.
They are very important  for manifesting your desires but it not costing too much to do so.  The base keeps you grounded and a large base to pull energy from Mother Earth to support this energy.  

A crystal pyramid works through its apex or zenith point to transmit energy and intentions into the heart of the universe!

Angel Aura Crystal Pyramid Set Cencerated At Archangel Michael Vortex

SKU: 384B
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