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Nuummite and Azeztulite crystal healing necklace.  Encoded by an Egyptian High Priestess to hold the energy of Anubis, God of the underworld.  She put a twist on this piece. This piece is paired with Azeztulite, a very high frequency stone. This combination allows you to visit before you die and get advice so you can avoid some karma and not have to relive mistakes over and over again.

Lets break a cycle before its too late.

Anubis is a god that judges the soul.  The feather of Maud represents truth and your heart is weighed against the truth of if you did more good in your life.  If you pass, you are allowed into the afterworld to enjoy heaven.  If you fail..well nothing good comes from this.

Nuummite is a stone called THE SORCERERS STONE. Its a stone that only alchemist trained in the art of magic were allowed to even know about it was so potent as a stone of instant transmutation and bringing light to the dark corners.  Nuummite  is a stone of personal magic, increasing the frequency of synchronicities and luck, clairvoyance and intuition, and for those evolved enough to work with its intensity, it allows for journeying deep into the personal psyche, offering a clear vision of one’s true Self. It helps to release energies trapped in the subconscious and brings the gift of inner power, healing, and self-mastery

Azeztulite is a type of quartz that some believe helps you to make contact with other realms and heal the unhealable. This makes it perfect for those that are trying to right their life, correct mistakes so they can move on in peace.  There is not one of us that are here that have not made mistakes, and it is usually ourselves that judge ourselves the hardest. It can hold psychic healing and help you learn more from the light than the dark and bring your life into balance. It does not get rid of the dark as where there is light there must be dark, but a chance for you to choose better in your life.



17 inch necklace

3 inches by 1.5 inches

Anubis Protection Necklace. Nuummite/Azeztulite. Protection From Enemies

SKU: 989
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