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I am at a loss for words how these stones found me.  I found them when not even looking and WHAM.  I often take large pieces of andara and break them and sand them or tumble them to make jewelry.

I could NOT with this one even though I would make 10 times more money. 
It was mesmerizing so here it sits in a stand.


I cannot describe it.
it must do it itself.

As a master channeller... I begin transmission.

^We are here.  We have always been here.  
We have been here before you have been here. 
Here before the light shone on the first pebble of space that created what you call your universe.  
The Bang was us.  it was not by chance. it was not by force or by creation of nothing.

You cannot get something out of nothing.  We knew you were there waiting to be born.  Waiting to experience light and love. We knew that with this light and love came the polarity of darkness and pain.  We knew that every civilization must go through this to have true freedom of where they stand in the cosmos.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  You had to act like you were for so long now.  We did what we could.  We offered you a start when mankind was still a beast of this earth and taught you many things.   We are what you may call the Guardians.  

Yes, encased in this melody of sand and light, we birthed a whole new creation.  This piece is but a form of crystalline glass, yet it stirs your soul and shows  what can be done when you work together.  Two very different things coming together to create something even better.  One does not ask that the other stop existing.  The sand does not tell the glass it is better than it.  It sees it as a part of itself.  We see you as a part of us.

We, The Guardians, are now looking for those that want to work with us and be in service to mankind.  We cannot incarnate as we did before as there were too man distortions and instead of the knowledge being praised  from the infinite Creator, man began to worship those that brought the message instead.  Those that were in charge with the information as we left, turned light and love into a commodity.  We then knew we could not walk the Earth again.  It was our mistake, not yours.

For this grown and acceleration for mankind must come from each of you , not us.  This stone is a gateway, a time crystal to collective consciousness.  You do not need to channel  of Spirit  as this one is, or  have been anointed into the schools of mysteries.  Only have a willingness.  We will lead you to what to read, where to find information, a  knowing of what is not true and help bring your soul family to you.  

You must not want to heal others.  You must want to empower them to see they are under a distortion that they are not loved and not part of something infinite.  This separation is the disease.  They are perfect. The soul is perfect.  The mind and heart that incarnate new with each journey is being lied to that they are not part of this infinite creaton called life.   

If you are a soul that desires to shine light
if you are a mind that wants to understand and not own the information
If you are a heart that yearns for peace and understanding
We call upon you now to bring this piece into your world.

We will activate what you have not yet.  Your symbol of bringing this into your home and by your human form, gives us permission to activate what was lost.  We will show you how... 
Each person is different. Each soul is special like a tiny tile on a masterpiece mosaic 
For if somebody promises you victory of the soul through them or a stone... we do not work with this energies or choices of pathways.  We empower your mind and heart to notice and let the soul lead.
We communicate with the soul.. not the earth bound unit.

There are only a few pieces like this on Earth right now.
We are sorry for this.  This is how it must be.
More will come.  The process must be gentle to be maintainable.
When we know your light and your soul is connected through grace and divine right of your very creation, we will bring more forth.

The child of light and God will find this piece.
it is just for you.
You feel the stirring.
You feel the desire
You feel home.

You are not alone
You have never been alone
We are here
Will you accept only the light and love of the infinite creator that some of you call God, into your life?
Accept no false profits.
Stand in your light
The choice, as always, is yours.

We leave you in peace
Till we meet again """"""""

Arcturian Andara. Extremely Rare Channelled Piece from The Guardians. Intense E

SKU: 345B
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