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Arturian Andara pendant with zircon accents   with Authenticity Card


This is not just a crystal pendant, but an energy portal to the High Counsel of Arturian Light

Through ancient techniques given to her from above and as an Arturian starseed, Angel has co created with these 5th density light beings a way for you to communicate and download information.  This piece is best for those that are intuitive and channels or been guided to start.


Arcturians are considered to be the most highly evolved spiritual consciousness in our galaxy. They are said to be 5th and 6 density and help others to help the planet and their own spiritual ascension.

This piece is charged with a starseed, or a soul that is Arturian. She has taken powerful Andara crystals and activated them for others wanting knowledge from the Arcturian race to help the planet in its spiritual growth. For those that do not use this energy for the good of mankind, it will be just a piece of glass to you.

Those that know about higher frequency crystals will tell you that when those that are activated to a higher calling spiritually, they will see through the crystal into the soul of the universe with our Arturian Crystals

Opens your intuition

Connects you to the infinite creator

helps remember past lives

Awakens your spiritual dna

Grants ability to channel

Lets you see through the eyes of the universe

Opens the pineal gland

Helps with Universal understanding

Helps heal the human aura

Aligns all chakras

Keeps negative energy at bay

Helps you find your life purpose so you can return home

We heard the call from starseeds. We answered.  This deep emerald green is for healing your physical, mental and emotional planes.   We know this mission was harder than you thought and you were brave and unselfish for coming here.  Most humans do not understand what you are doing for them is out of love.  It can hurt to love such violent species that can still attack its own.  We are here to help you heal the emotional and mental wounds being a star seed on this planet brings.

Blessings, our family

If you are called to buy this piece... we know the right owner of this activation code will buy it.

Arturian Andara Pendant with Zircon in Sterling Silver with Authenticity Card

SKU: 238
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