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Ocean Blue Calcite Crystal Ball with amazing Geodes and colourization.

This my friend is an Atlantian Orb.  Not all of these stones hold the energy of Atlantis AND OF THOTH THE ATLANTEAN KING.


We are blessed to work with Poseidon, THOTH,  and our Atlantian heritage to find the ones that do. You will feel the difference as soon as you hold them.  Angel is the curator of this crystal.  We have been flattered by so many that are following us and using our creations as their own and selling similar items with similar names. 


They are not similar energies.  Each of our orbs comes with a certificate to ensure you are getting the real thing.  it takes special training and abilities to be able to transmute energy of the gods and civilizations.  Angel has spent over a decade training and was the head instructor at a licensed psychic school till she decided to share her calling world wide on Etsy.  We want to ensure that you are getting not a crystal, but an experience for the senses and the soul.  We cannot vouch the energies of others stones, nor do we wish to say ours are better than theirs, simply that theirs are not ours.  


Ours are the original source and we have not authorized the sale to others.  We did not trademark the name as nobody owns Atlantis.  We are responsible for its energies though. We humbly offer you this orb, and a true Atlantian will understand why the need for authenticity is imperative due to our past.  Yes, Angel is an Atlantian soul.


Orb 1 - 75 mm/553 grams
Orb 2 - 70 mm/425 grams
Orb 3 - 70mm/425 grams

Somewhere in the dark waters lies your history.  You sense it.  You do not feel happy when you see an underwater Atlantis nor have images of mermaids dancing in your mind. Instead you have dreams of destruction.  You are nervous for no reason and may even suffer anxiety.  Your home wiped out in the blink of an eye and almost everybody you know lays dead beneath the sea.  The earth cracking and buildings falling apart as you run with the ocean rising.  You may love the water but also respect its power.


This is not meant to scare you but to let you know your Atlantian brothers and sisters have survived in ways you may not have thought of to unite and help heal so we do not destroy our home and family again.  The darkness will not make the light fall.  


This crystal came to me recently.  it is a newer crystal the earth has released and when I saw and felt this stone and asked in meditation what it wanted to share with the world, this is what it showed me.. the heartbeat of Atlantis needs to be bubbling back to the world. You may have seen orbs your whole life floating around and others said it was only dust particles, but you knew better.


It was discovered in 2019 when the world was in turmoil and so many of us prayed and asked for light and love to conquer the fear of the dark spreading throughout our world. Caribbean Blue Calcite is a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid one in elevating their consciousness. It awakens from the Earth your memories of healing, love and light and uniting us all in a journey of love.  It allows you to let go of the trauma without an apology or even understanding it, you cannot understand crazy.  These patterns of pain and feeling sinking into the sand are traps and this crystal releases you from what is binding you to this hidden atrocity of hiding who you really are.

Are you ready for the healing energy of your Atlantean soul to rise?  Are you ready to gather the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian gods that many think were the surviving Atlanteans teaching love and light to the world?  Are you ready to be free?


This is not just a crystal, but a portal to the Atlantian soul that the trauma has hidden.
Awaken my brothers and sisters.  May Thoth help find you again and help you navigate the halls of Amenti to reawaken what you have forgotten.


If I may suggest to listen to this song as you look at the picture to tell if this is your calling.

Atlantis Crystal Orbs. Holds Energy Of THOTH The ATLANTEAN KING, Caribbean Blue

SKU: 412B
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