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Auralite Crystal Necklace
Direct from the Boreal Forest in Canada
Comes with authenticity card

MY AURALITE COLLECTION HAS BEEN CALLED INTO PLAY BY THE GODS OF EGYPT. When I asked why, I was told to look what all the pyramids were built upon, cinnabar. Cinnabar when super heated turns into liquid mercury. Thus started the teachings of alchemy on earth and spiritual alchemy.

They needed a way to come through together with a stone that can hold their frequency. The Canadian Shield is the oldest landform on Earth and it is here where you will find Auralite. A meteor landed in the Boreal forest, and here they tested this stone. Lakehead University did xray infractions on the stone and found 23 minerals in it including gold, silver, platinum.. but then there were 17 minerals they could not identify. This was due to the meteor bringing its own footprints onto earth. They even found markers of trace elements of Uranium! Imagine the energy that these stones hold. The stones also had very grounding elements like copper, iron, hematite and more to help the stone hold the frequencies here on Earth, otherwise the stones would just crumble when trying to hold the frequencies of the gods.

I know that as soon as I post this, others will copy and say theirs does too. My family has lived in Thunder Bay, where the Auralite is from for over 110 years! I was an Egyptian High Priest and Priestess in many lifetimes and trained as a true spiritual alchemist. I state here and now that I have NOT authorized any other points of sale of my co creation with the gods. These are our pieces that with you, my customers and now friends have co created. Because we have learned and accepted the teachings of love and light do the gods feel safe enough to return in this form to teach us all. I am not charging extra or more money for the stones than the original prices. Their energy is free. I was asked by them to do this as now we have created a group consciousness through the store. You all have shared your results, your feelings and your desire to help others. They know you are pure of intent and if you are reading this, have chosen you to work with as well. I am so proud of us! We have turned a tide in history of their teachings and I do not say that lightly!

Quartz crystal clusters and quartz crystal points should be in every home to bring harmony to the life force in the home. Quartz crystals have been used for healing, meditation and expanding the mind to touch the spirit world.

A crystal cluster formation has many points embedded in the base. The emerging crystals may be large or small. Crystal Clusters radiate energy into the surrounding room or space and also are used to absorb negative energy.

They are often used to cleanse a room or other stones by leaving the stone overnight on the cluster.

I did not make this crystal... Mother Earth Did
It is not finished till it is in your hands
It was not made 2010 to 2016 but over 1.3 billion years ago

Personal Power crystal 
Master Channelling crystal 
Self Acceptance
Self Confidence 
Healing energy for empaths as we sometimes attract narcissists 
Balancing energy for Indigos to combat shyness
Awakening power for Light workers to let yourself shine so the twin flame can see you
Connection to home for Starseeds as a meteor landed on this spot and the minerals soaked into crystal
Connects to Angelic Realm to find a peaceful relationship
Brings Calmness to end the drama
Cools temper when you get frustrated and dont try to work it out 
Helps those to think before speaking so you are not a bull in a china shop when arguments occur
Clears all chakras of past relationships
Opens crown chakras to help hear spirit guide suggestions
Aids intuitive abilities for when you are far apart
Brings ancient knowledge helps to remember lives together 
Removes fear of own power
Helps to be compassionate and not judgemental
Inner purification
Mystic truths
Lucid Dreaming
Stay grounded while awakening 
Helps remember past lives
Releases old karmic patterns
Heals inner child
Helps bring abundance
Heals heart chakra
Deep Meditation 
Helps headaches
Aids muscle pain
Revives life force

Auralite Crystal Necklace, STONE Of THE GODS. Encoded With All The Egyptian Gods

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