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Auralite Necklace

Soldered and one of a kind.

This piece is hand made, not bought and resold.


This is a gorgeous slice and bought directly from the owner of the Auralite mine in Thunder Bay.

A unique statement piece for men or women that holds 23 crystals in one and 17 minerals science cannot identify because of the meteor that landed in the Boreal forest and these universal elements embedded into the amethyst.

This is the oldest amethyst in the world at over 1.8 billion years old.

It is the only crystal that has trace amounts of uranium in it, but is not toxic to humans in this amount.

Included is an information postcard that lists the 23 crystals science has proved to be in the auralite and their properties as well as a mp3 recording link to a hypnotherapy meditation from a licensed psychic school to connect you to auralite and awaken your psychic gifts that are best for you at this time.


Here is what others have said about Auralite.

Because of the sheer amount of elements and minerals found in the crystal, it is like a bridge to the divine, it is a stone that has an open channel to the Angelic Realms. This crystal can assist you to connect easier with your guides and Angels, and also brings a calmness to your life, that you never felt possible before. Auralite crystal tones down anger and cools hot tempers, it teaches the being to think before speaking or acting for the self, and towards others.


The stone itself, works with the upper chakras, but more specifically, has a healing role all over the body. Auralite crystal enhances healing, personal development and intuition extensively and on many levels and can really only be appreciated once it’s been held. It is a stone of all empowering knowledge, and inspiration. It will help you greatly to understand your shortfalls and your abilities, like never before. Also this is a stone that can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment.


Auralite is excellent tool for spiritual healing, brings about inner purification, increases our psychic sensitivity, insights into truth, lucid dreaming, balanced awakenings, experiences with our angels and visions of future events. It lets us remember our past live, the associated karma and then helps us release those old karmic patterns.


Auralite-23 is a wonderful facilitator for deep meditation, brings about an inner focus which helps us delve far into the highest realms, focuses on our inner spirit and abundances that are present around us. Work with this stone slowly, and get used to it for a time, as it sweeps away debris from your consciousness. Just being alone with the stone, is actually enough, for healing to begin. Hold Auralite-23 at both the crown and heart chakras to create a powerful flow of energy.

Auralite Pendant/Necklace. Thunder Bay Amethyst From The Cave Of Wonders...

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