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Auralite Pendant wire wrapped in sterling silver.

Comes with Authenticity Card.


Auralite  is one of the rarest and highest vibrational stone that Mother Earth has given us.  It is a newly discovered crystal in one of the oldest places on the earth, the Canadian Shield.  Hidden in the remote Northern Ontario where the air is clean, the sky is blue and the trees are wide, you will find in the middle of nowhere a magical place.  Here is the oldest Amethyst in the world.  It is over 2 billion years old and holds 23 different minerals in it including gold, silver and platinum.   Here Mother Earth and the Universe reveals spiritual information in one powerful crystal.  All are marked with Lumerian lines that hold the ancient healing secrets of this master race.


The highest quality are the deepest purple with the red caps.  We are confident we have the highest quality for the best price.... why?



We were born and raised 10 minutes from the only mine in the world and go back to the mine to personally gather the stones with permission from the owners.  We are blessed to be given special access to choose the best veins and the pieces.

Instantly awakens one's spirituality
Enhances psychic ability
Opens one up to the truth of self and the world
Aliviating of chronic physical ailments
Balances kundalini
Brings one into the ever present now 
Enhances ability to astral travel
Increases lucid dreaming
Communication with Angels and Spirit Guides
Inner purification
Self worth
Healing after abuse and trauma
Deep cellular matrix DNA healing
Uplifting and inspiriing in dark moments
Removes past life traumas that are holding you back in this life
Lifts the veil of illusion from this world to the next for those that are mediums

Each crystal has a pamphlet included that explains all the properties of all the minerals that are in this crystal.  IT is way too long to list here.

Empaths:  Removes others negativity so you can grow on your life path and your divine purpose so on your next reincarnation you can choose to come back or to ascent to the 5th density

Indigos:  Balances your energy so you can live here while being connected to your gifts.  Helps your frustration with being here and lets you find your mission here so you can go home.  Helps other indigos to find you.


Lightworker:  Intense spiritual and physical cellular matrix healing.  Recommended to be used by those with much experience as this crystals energy is not for beginners and can be overwhelming to many new comers.


Starseeds:  This crystal began forming over 1.3 billion years ago when meteors fell to the Earth and deposited minerals from the universe into its matrix.  You are indeed holding a piece of universal consciousness.

Auralite Pendant With Record Keeper. Includes Authenticity Card, Wire Wrapped in

SKU: 954
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