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Auralite Rings 

It is handmade and one of a kind. Now you can take your Auralite with you everywhere with these rings. Open yourself, and let the balanced awakenings, cleansing, and strong vibration of Auralite in. 

I am lucky enough to be from the only place in the world where Auralite is mined.

I spent a month exploring and gaining access to this amazing crystal from owners of the mine and an amazing network of love and light.  

These pieces are direct from the mine to you... 

This piece is set in professional grade clay to keep the back smooth and stabilize the crystal
I love that it is held back in clay, which is earth.  I wanted you to enjoy the stone and also the stone to enjoy the support of Mother Earth as well.  I attune each piece with love and healing for free just for you before I send it off.  I do not charge for the healing as I think this should be done with love not with profit.


Included with this listing is an information postcard that lists all the crystals that are in auralite plus their meaning, a mp3 link to a hypnotherapy session from our licensed psychic school to attune you to the energies of Auralite and awaken your intuition and an information card on how to recharge your necklace.


There are 17 minerals in auralite that scientists cannot identify because of a meteor that landed in the area and got absorbed into the stone.  Moldavite is the glass from impact... auralite actually has "alien" or not from Earth elements.  Talk about universal consciousness.

Auralite Rings, Authenticity Card, Adjustable, Spirituality, Protection...

  • Associated with the Crown Chakra and with Third Eye, Amethyst has a very powerful spiritual vibration and attracts divine energies. It protects against negative vibrations which it transforms into loving energy. Amethyst seals holes in the aura, and protects and purifies it. It harmonizes the physical body with its healing field and helps to diagnose the aura’s energy. It brings stability, strength, inspiration and helps to make good decisions. It also assists in meditation, deepens concentration, frees us from dependencies, and reduces emotions caused by losses and death of people close to us. It helps us discover positive solutions to our problems. 

    By activating the Solar Plexus, Titanite releases a strong feeling of joy. It also stimulates the first three chakras simultaneously. Titanite inspires enthusiasm, quick thinking and courage. It also helps with self-control and stimulates libido.

    Cacoxinite stimulate cell regeneration. It’s mostly a powerful stone to develop psychic abilities, because it strengthens the presence of cosmic energy in the upper chakras. When found inside Auralite Crystals, it gives a gorgeous glow that resembles to gold. The picture on the left shows a piece of Auralite with Cacoxenite ( Which are the gold like triangular Shapes seen in the picture)

    The vibrations of Lepidochrosite are high and pure and open the crown chakra to the divine. The energy flows to the heart and expands all higher chakras. This allows us to get in touch with our higher self. In meditation, it expands the aura and dissolves our attachment to negative energies. The picture on the left shows a piece of Auralite 23 with residue of Lepidochrosite ( The red spots seen inside the crystal)

    Ajoite calms negative emotions; it releases feelings of anger, resentment and pain. It helps to forgive and to feel compassion for oneself as well as for others. A very nurturing stone, Ajoite heals the healer. It activates the Heart and the Throat Chakras and enables us to communicate from the heart. It heals, strengthen and harmonize the emotional body.

    Hematite is considered to be an excellent healing stone. It helps dissolve negative energies and is useful to create peaceful and loving relationships. Very protective, it calms the mind and leads us to self-knowledge. Hematite is associated with courage, optimism, self-confidence, stability and personal magnetism. Mostly associated with the base Chakra, it also helps to balance all Chakras. Hematite shows on Auralite as spots of red. On the left, there is a picture of an Auralite Crystal with Hematite on its top ( The Red Point).

     Magnetite is also know as lodestone & it is associated with the root chakra, but it aligns all chakras and meridians with subtle bodies. It balances the energy of the physical body: calms meridians that have too much energy and activates those that need more. It helps with convalescence after illness. Enables telepathy, meditation and visualisation and attracts love, loyalty and abundance. It reduces negative emotions and attracts positive feelings.

    Associated to the Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Root Chakras, Pyrite brings joy and abundance, it enhances psychic abilities and brings a strong protection to the physical and subtle bodies. Pyrite blocks negative energy and may be used to bring positive vibrations in a room or office. Pyrite also hones intellect, memory and creativity. It attracts abundance, prosperity and helps to make good business decisions. Pyrite also helps fight chronic fatigue. On the picture in the left, there is a piece of Auralite with residue of Pyrite ( The silver powder like mineral that can be seen on the crystals surface).

    Goethite is a stone that encourages a deep connection with the earth, Akashic records and discovery of soul life. It is a discovery stone, and brings awareness to one's soul plan. It awakens compassion and love and is used by counsellors to assist in getting in touch with one's repressed grief in order to begin healing emotionally. It enhances creativity and opens the way to understanding love, joy, pain and grief. On the left, A picture of an Auralite Crystal showing inclusions of Goethite ( Showing as Black spots in this specimen).

    Pyrolusite is very useful in clearing the environment of negative energy dispelling and prevents all psychic attacks. It provides a barrier around the intentions of those who inhabit the lower frequencies of the Astral World. Pyrolusite protects, balances and clears the aura and has the ability to transmute negativity. Pyrolusite blocks negative emotional manipulation and mental influences, and releases energy blockages caused by harmful emotions. It is a stone of hope, optimism, material comfort, intellect and transformation. On the left, a picture of Pyrolusite growing on a rock. Pyrolusite is known for growing on other minerals and leaving traces that resemble trees of roots. 

    Gold is a protective and purifying metal and for millennia, it has been believed to help with healing, stabilizing, harmonizing, balancing and grounding the body.  Gold is a symbol of health, vitality, prosperity, success, love strength and illumination. It can be used to activate the Third Eye, the Solar Plexus and the Crown Chakras. It inspires a sense of morality, integrity and purity of the mind.

    Crystal Dreams is an online store specialized in the International trade of Minerals.

    Silver has this soothing and calm energy. It is the metal of emotions and it amplifies the energy of any other gemstone or mineral in contact with it.  Silver is a powerful metal that enhances intuition, dreams, love, protection and abundance.

    Platinum is the metal for wisdom. It is an excellent element to use for deep meditation. It helps to discover our mission in life and the best ways to act accordingly.

    Nickel is an extraordinary metal which extends into most dimensions. It is useful when additional information or energy is required, or when dealing with trying to solve problems, advance knowledge or a personal breakthrough or threshold shift is required.

    Being a conductive mineral, Copper helps to perceive energy at different levels, including cosmic energy. It enhances consciousness, and develops stronger ties between people. Copper may also neutralize problems caused by electromagnetic fields.

    Iron works as well at the Earth level as it does at the cosmic level because it acts as a conduit between the two realms. So you can use iron as a grounding tool for earthly work and at the same time, as a universal tool for spiritual development. Iron is a good material for out of body experiences and shamanic travel. On the left, a picture of an Auralite Crystal with residue of Iron which gives the crystal a brown tint (Orange and brown stains seen inside the crystal).  

    A grounding and protective stone, Limonite stimulate inner strength, particularly under extreme conditions. It provides protection to the physical body during metaphysical activities, defends against mental influence and psychic attacks. It also helps to develop telepathic abilities. Limonite also allows us to stand firm without needing to fight back.

    Sphalerite acts on the causal body by raising its frequency. It allows the development of extra censorial gifts. Sphalerite also acts upon the nervous system in a way to put an end to procrastination and act at the best possible moment. It brings energy and willpower.

    Covellite is associated with Root, Third Eye and Crown chakras. It helps to achieve higher vibration levels. It helps to bridge the Earthly world with the etheric realms. Covellite is a stone of transition and helps heal deep wounds, in particular those caused by karma. It helps to reveal secrets of the subconscious mind and accelerates our spiritual development. Covellite will help to develop intuition and psychic abilities while keeping us grounded.

    Chalcopyrite activates and purifies all chakras. Its energy brings a feeling of joy and helps to adapt to constantly changing energies in our environment. It teaches us flexibility and adaptation to new paradigms. It helps us change towards a more positive attitude so that our perceptions follow that good energy.

    Gialite is excellent grounding stone. It controls negative energy and keeps it at bay. Gialite is associated with the Root Chakra.

    Epidote is a stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth. It cleanses emotional scars from the aura and helps to eliminate them permanently. It enables spiritual growth and enhances our perceptions. Epidote brings hope and patience; it repels close mindedness and negative criticism. It’s an excellent stone for personal power and enables one to participate actively in life at all levels.

    Bornite is a stone that enables the integration of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. It teaches us to trust the intuitive process. It transmutes negative beliefs and thoughts into positive energy. It makes it easier to deal with difficult situations and enables us to learn from the process. Bornite eliminates the mundane and superficial in order to clear the way for spiritual growth. It may be programmed to send and receive distance healing.

    A powerful healing stone, Rutile Quartz is associated to all chakras. It pierces through the density of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. It’s great protection stone that develops strength in each person, and transmutes negativity into positive energy; it protects the subtle bodies as well as the physical body. It represents life force and spiritual connections and helps to communicate with Spirit Guides. Rutile Quartz increases the potential for clairvoyance and enhances relationships and communication with others. It may slow down the aging process and speed up tissue regeneration.

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