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Azeztulite Crystal Angel.  Words cannot express how the energy that is coming off this piece is.

I had to take a chance with some larger Azeztulite chunks that were divinely brought to me

I could smash them to make jewelry or do something special.
Then I saw an angel wing in the piece and they spoke to me.
They wanted to come through this way to somebody.   I would lose 1/3 of the stones weight to carving and smoothing.. was it worth it?  YES


309 grams
and 6 inches high


The lines are so soft and smooth and the mudra for self compassion on the Angel just shines the light of the Angel Phylum into your place.  Carries the sacred white light of God and healing for healers and those that need healing.  You will feel it immediately.. .you are probably feeling it right now just reading it if you are a higher frequency soul who connects naturally with the Angelic realm.

Azeztulite is  one of the 12 synergy stones that allow spiritual awakening and considered very intense and high vibrational. If you are ready for this spiritual awakening, then this rare Angel is for you. . This piece is meant for one of pure heart, pure intent and one who knows it is their path to change the world or in need of spiritual healing. 

Azeztulite, with their direct connection to God’s ( aka, The Source/Creators) healing white light energy. Connect with your Angels, their healing abilities, and with your guides easily with this crystal. 

Azeztulite Crystals are highly spiritual crystals and carry the gift of inner vision as well as connecting you to your abilities. Azeztulite has a very high and pure vibrational energy and is highly recommended for healing, Shamanic and spiritual journey. Using the energy from the Azeztulite crystals is said to help develop our visionary perception, help us connect with our Spirit Guides, Spiritual teachers, and our Angels. 


Azeztulite raises our vibration. Place on the third eye, hold while meditating, wear or carry with you for all day cleansing. Place in the sun to recharge and cleanse. If you are highly sensitive, we suggest that they be used with a grounding stone, such as hematite, carnelian or black tourmaline to avoid being overwhelmed by the white light energy that Azeztulite possesses until you get used to it. 

Azeztulite cleanses and heals all Chakras. This crystal is great for light workers and healers or anyone just wanting to heal themselves. Helps to fight depression, anxiety, learn patience and trust. It is easy to work with and gives a feeling of white light and beauty in everything you see when holding this wonderful crystal. It is connected directly to our source, opening us up to this powerful energy.


Really rare to find and great for those that make their own jewelry to take it apart and have the beads

Azeztulite Angel. Crystal Angel. Connection to Angelic Realm/Christ

SKU: 340B
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