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Citrine Crystal Skull with Unique design of a crystal wand on top
Encoded as a stargate to the egyptian god RA, god of creation and protector of all that the sun touches.  Working with this egyptian god, as he is a primordial god.. a god that existed before all others, he can help get the root of issues...long standing issues you have been working on. They might be from past lives, generational trauma, from lives on other dimensions and this is why you cannot seem to get to it to heal it. You cannot heal what you do not see. You cannot ask a blind man to pass you the purple pillow with green spots.  He cannot see colours.  Please note that this skull has rainbows in it to travel all time lines and is even has Lemurian lines on it to call in the heavy hitters of healing energy.  It is  said that Thoth and Ra upon the falling of Atlantis took the survivors and started the civilization of Egypt.  

Skulls bring in higher group consciousness learning and healing downloads and information
This is a unique piece as it is also Lemurian Citrine crystal skull!
The top of the stone is shaped like a wand. Wands can remove energy or add energy and with Citrine, even help manifest to bring other things into your life.

18 inch gold plated chain included
Wire wrapped in gold plated wire.

I sit with Spirit in meditation while I make my jewelry
As a psychic medium I give spirit a chance to incarnate on Earth for others
to work with that do not have the confidence to work as a medium but know they are connected
They design themselves

Citrine is used for. clearing what is holding you back from your joy, brings self confidence, self acceptance and helps you to remember that self care is not a luxury but a necessity 
Brings abundance
Never needs clearing or charging
Clears and charges other crystals
Clears ALL chakras
Powerful self will and manifestation

Citrine Crystal Skull Necklace. Encoded As Stargate To Egyptian God RA

SKU: 995
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