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Columbianite Necklace. Raw on the other in solid sterling silver.  

This stone is more rare than moldavite and holds sacred energies of the Peruvian Shamans, known for their abilities to communicate with God and all life above, middle and above planes.  It is a natural glass, or Tektite.  Moldavite is from a meteor that landed and changed the sand to glass in one part of the world, and this is from another.  It is not a piece for beginners, and those that resonate with moldavite and looking for something... even higher... will do well with this piece

Colombianite is a lavender Grey tektite found in Columbia and Peru. Though Similar to Saffordite (Cintamani) & Moldavite. Colombianite effects are very intense spiritually but not physically so it will not make you dizzy, feel buzzy or just off.  Those that resonate with higher stones because you are from a higher frequency, will not get these symptoms to begin with.  Columbianite will oddly make you feel more grounded.  It is a piece of home here... its comforting.

It helps to lift the veil between worlds, and we have programmed it with a strong and rare Sami shaman to open only one door... a good one....not all.  It will connect you ONLY to energies of light and love.  This makes it safe for beginners who know they are strong but only beginners in confidence not abilities.

 Colombianite strongly clears chronic patterns, negative thought forms, emotional baggage and outdated belief systems. It takes it and brings it into the higher star chakra to help clear these patterns. 
 We have encoded this to be done only when you sleep to make it smooth and relaxing.  Experience of the higher self and cosmic consciousness greatly improves, as well as peace and harmony in life and relationships. 

This Tektite is a sacred stone of the Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes.
The Indians call it “Piedra Rayo”, which means “Stone of Lightning” or “Light Stone”.
Colombian Shamans use it in their rituals as a means of communication with the god.
They also use it for prophetic visions.

It is much rarer than Moldavite, and in scientific circles, its origins were an enigma; now, they are classed as Tektites.

Columbianite Necklace. Tektite. "STONE OF LIGHT" Rarer than Moldavite. Sacred St

SKU: 360a
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