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Tumbled Covellite Crystal Soldered with lead free silver solder.
Hand made by a crystal energy healer.
“Stone of Contradictions”


Covellite aids in the development of inner intuition, psychic and magical abilities.

Covellite is a high vibration crystal with energy that stimulates psychic abilities and intuitive work. It aids in bridging the higher and lower worlds. It is an excellent stone for anyone wishing to acquire information on past lives and karmic pattern. Not only can one gain information on their deeper self, but Covellite enables one to acquire information on the life of others. This makes for an amazing healing stone.


Covellite is of great assistance to those making a journey into the dark side of the soul.

Covellite facilitates the sharing of knowledge through writing and other forms of communication. It can assist in organizing one’s thoughts to find the right words in expressing knowledge. A wonderful stone for psychics, channels, mediums or spiritual teachers who communicate information from higher realms. It is an excellent grounding stone that activates the Third-Eye and Crown chakras, which will allow one to stay firmly grounded while raising their consciousness into the higher realms.

Covellite can attune one to their guiding spirit.


Chakra(s): All

Element: Storm



Psychic Abilities
Inner Visions
Past Life Explorations
Intuitive Abilities
Magic Insight
Divine Communication
Metaphysical Properties:

Beneficial to those making the evolutionary leap into ascension
Promotes energy flow through the chakras and meridians
Will put one in harmony with the energies within and around the body
Facilitates the deep journey into the self
Aids in bringing the unconscious shadow self into one’s conscious awareness
Allows one to tap into Akashic Records
Enables one to make a connection with the life of others
Excellent grounding stone
Connects one with their guardian angel or spirit guides
Helps to enhance lucid dreaming, astral travel and past life recall
Helps one to be born again by releasing the past
Helps transform one’s dreams into reality
Harmonizes the mind, body and spirit
Enhances dream state
Promotes and supports the journey into the deeper, dark side of one’s spirit
Aids the breakdown of energy blockages
Healing Properties:

Works On Treating Cancer Cells
Strengthens Entire Body
Treats Problems of The Ears

Covellite Pendant: Lead Free Silver Solder Unisex Aids Depression, Anxiety...

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