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Larimar Pendant
Wire Wrapped in silver wire and topped off with Swarovski Crystals
The memories are so close but yet so far.  The memories of your life in Atlantis.
The time of healing, bonding, and learning.  Lessons still left to be learned

This is a large slab that we hand ground.  it took 3 hours to cut
It was so worth the effort to unlock the passion of the ocean.
Atlantis was lost... you do not have to be.  3.6 inches long, 1.4 wide

This piece has been chosen by the true Atlantian King, Thoth as a piece to represent his teachings here on Earth. In The Law Of One, it was said that the gods saw their errors in walking with humans. Humans were not ready to understand higher density teachings while still having to survive. They had too much ego. Even those with the purest hearts only could grasp what they understood. They saw how the distortions compromised the teachings. Because of this distortion of infinite love that they felt responsible for, they vowed to stay connected to Earth to help fix what they, with love, tried to help...distorted. They vowed to not walk the Earth again and to let man choose for himself, as any soul must, to follow the Law that we are all one.


Now they come to those souls that choose to reach out individually to connect to the mass consciousness of the teachings, and those that are ready spiritually to connect to higher density knowledge. They CANNOT come to Earth till 51% of humanity requests this to honour free will. This is the way. There are many of us here that have been asked to help you connect. We have much training and even though you may think you do not, your soul does. No person is higher than another person in their worthiness of love... all you lack is a door and confidence.

Thoth came to me and showed me crystals were the way to transfer the information in a gentle, yet powerful way. Your computer/phone is using the piezoelectric properties of quartz to work right now. They carry information back and forth without compromising the sender, the receiver OR THE INFORMATION. Neurologists have shown us that our head and heart have these bio electromagnetic fields that are more powerful than any supercomputer


Thoth was the king of Atlantis. He was teaching people how to live as one and invoke the powers of manifestation of what is love. Some got greedy and powerful. They wanted the power. Things were going very well for some and not for others. It was, some said, as close to Utopia as earth had ever seen. Then the volcano exploded and it sunk. It was gone.

Thoth being a god survived and took the survivors.. some to Egypt. There he started again. Here.. now.. he starts again in a way that does not work with an unhealthy ego. Sense of identity is a healthy ego. You know you are connected to these teachings and not sure how to do it again or even know where to begin. You can begin here.

This larimar is huge. It carries not just the energy of Thoth to help heal you, guide you and bring forth true knowledge and UNDERSTANDING of we are all one to the wearer and anybody around it. The piece is so big because it holds the group consciousness of Atlantis, not just Thoth. There are many that thought they were not good enough, but had brilliant minds and old souls that would not think they had anything to contribute, but their humbleness and service to others was so pure, their thoughts and energies are just as important. You are too. Together with the souls of many that ascended after the eruption are here. We have not included those souls that are still recovering, because you are one of them.

This will unlock what is best for you at this time. For me to make a claim of what it will do for you besides open your body, mind and spirit complex to God and creation, is very ego based for us. How would we know or even place limits on what you can do? What if you can do more than we even thought possible? This removes your limits. Those that still have trauma from the eruptions and floods, this can be blocking you from using your gifts. Your soul family would like to heal this too. You are safe now. You are loved.

We are now releasing what took 10 years to co create. We have limited stock and are trying to find more. Not all pieces can hold the energies. This one can. It will be a heritage piece, meaning one you pass down to your family and will only increase in its monetary value.

We leave you now, welcoming you to your true heritage. There was so much more than the last day that is seared in your mind. Your soul is pure. It wants to do what it was called back here to do. This time, you are not alone. They walk with you.

Atlantis is not an underwater castle of mermaids and titans.. it was your home that sunk in hours.
Your soul has trauma. This will heal it with love. You need those that survived and ascended to help bring the soul to peace. You will be amazed. Some cry as soon as they touch it or see these pieces. Some feel stoick. Some feel balanced and strong. What you feel is yours to honour, not mine to dictate.

Welcome back. You were missed.

Crown Of Atlantis. Large Larimar Pendant Encoded With Energy Of THOTH

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