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Large Danburite crystal Ring in solid silver. Size 7.5  at a whopping 76 CTS. This is a very high grade faceted Museum quality piece. It is near perfect clarity.  Only high grade pieces can be faced in this way. 


Encoded to hold all the Archangels In One magical piece at the Archangel Michael Vortex in Lake Louise.  This is where it is said God meets with Archangel Michael, a true heaven on earth. Here he discusses the PERSONAL needs of humans instead of what is best for mankind.  Here Michael can ask for miracles and walk with God on Earth, where you live, where you hurt, where you laugh, where you love and have faith in Him.  Bringing God closer to your personal frequency is such a blessing and brings your belief that you are one with God already into a more poignant place in your heart.


This piece is especially made for somebody that is looking to attain spiritual enlightenment and go above this dimension of healing.  It is a rare type of quartz and a very high vibrational one.  Angel has encoded this piece to hold all the Angel Phylums in one piece.  This means you can call upon any and all and they are at your service.  Angels are not meant to be worshiped, they were given to us to help us reach God.  It's important that you invite them into your life for healing, guidance and wisdom.  This piece has been consecrated at the Archangel Michael Vortex in Lake Louise.  


Crystal Healing Properties, Metaphysical and Gemstone Meaning 


Danburite is an excellent crystal to work with when we need to dig deep inside ourselves to make changes, even deep karmic changes, that will enable us to leave the past behind us. It helps us to release grief, fear, anxiety, anger and resentment. Danburite can also free our mind of unwanted mental chatter and help to ease stress and worry, in fact, Danburite can help to promote ease in any situation, foster patience and bring us peace of mind. Danburite helps people to get along with each other and personally, helps us to "let our light shine". It promotes lucid dreaming and if you have trouble getting to sleep, a piece placed under your pillow will help enormously. Lastly, Danburite brings a calmer, more optimistic outlook, to those who are ill.

Danburite is a crystal that carries a very high vibration, and as such, it is a highly spiritual crystal. It activates our higher consciousness and links us to the Angelic Realms. It can facilitate interdimensional travel and enable us to communicate with not only the Angels, but also with other spirit beings too. Danburite can help us when we are unsure if we should let ourselves go and immerse ourselves in the world of spirit, when we are apprehensive about contacting the Divine. It can open a channel for us to experience the joy of communion with the Divine and to communicate with our highest guides. Not only this, but Danburite will ensure that we remember what we saw and what we heard. It can provide us with a link to serenity and to eternal wisdom.

** ON HOLD for BETSY** Danburite Ring. 76 CTS, Crystal Of The Angelic Realm.

SKU: 416
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