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Empath Protection Necklace

Morganite and Ruby  Amethyst Crystal Healing Wand Necklace. Wire wrapped in gold plated wire with gold plated chain.  This piece has been encoded with long distance healing for the empath who suffers in silence and does not ask for help. You may have a lower sense of self because you think people do not do for you what you do for them.  This is because you are such a kind soul and very intuitive that people do not even have to ASK you, you just know.  It does not seem to work the other way around though does it.? 


This piece is lovingly put together to help the sensitive soul recover and not feel overwhelmed and let go of the that feeling that you are not enough.


Morganite brings healing, compassion, assurance and promise. With its gentle pink energy, Morganite attunes to the heart and the Heart Chakra. It cleanses the emotional body of stress and anxiety, old wounds and hidden traumas, and enkindles lightness within the spirit, as if a burden has been lifted. Very important crystal for empaths to cleanse with joy and bring a sense of compassion to themselves.


Ruby has always been known as a stone of passion, success, protection and prosperity. When. you spend so long taking care of others, you might look around one day and find that you gave everything away and spends o much time on others that there is not much left for yourself. Isn't it time for you to take better care of yourself and your needs too. Think of a car.. .it is not selfish because it stops to get gas.. it must.  Take a break.  Let some other people deal with the drama while you carve out a nice little life for yourself.  Drama can wait, your joy has waited long enough


I have made this piece to show somebody that your heart is a thing of beauty that is your best part, not your weakest link


18 inch necklace

3.25 inches long

.75 inches wide

Empath Healing Wand Necklace. Ruby, Morganite, Raw Stones. Balance, Protection

SKU: 1193
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