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Golden Rutilated Quartz crystal  necklace wire wrapped in gold plated wire with gold plated chain. It was  blessed at the Archangel Michael Vortex in Lake Louise




We placed this stone in the holy waters and invited which Angel wanted to encapsulate itself in its stone, and were amazed to see all 4 archangels come.  Golden Rutilated Quartz is also called ANGEL HAIR QUARTZ.. Placed before you is not just a crystal, but a memory.  A memory of ancient knowledge you know you forgot.  A knowing that you were created from God by God and that nothing here on earth can tarnish this light that is held inside of you.

This piece was special enough for me to channel its own message.  A message from the Angels to tell you what this stone is and why they felt compelled to incarnate here on earth through it.  This is the only way you can know if it is for you.

"We greet you with the love and light of our heavenly Father.  A father that has given you the gift of the golden light in your heart and in your soul.  Our Father is your Father.  This golden light has never been extinguished, even when you were born upon this earth, they told you it was.  They told you it was your original sin.  We cannot agree with this.  The sin is believing it perhaps.  There is no sin against God.  There is only a sin against yourself and your right to be with God.  Our God, Our Father, loves you unconditionally and to say this means this.  UNCONDITIONALLY means unconditionally.  Sins are conditions.  This is not to say there are no consequences to your actions, but it is always to yourself.  God granted you through his son the ability to ask for this forgiveness.  Why would he take it from you?  

We come to you through this stone for a soul that forgot who they are.  A soul that was told by others that their sins were not forgivable or that they needed to bear the weight of shame and guilt.  They told you that this was the price of your forgiveness.  This is a lie.  Gods forgiveness is freedom. It is light.  When you stand it God's forgiveness you will find he never judged you to need it to begin with. YOU DID.  Through the grace of God and the army of angels that come through to you from this place, we grant you the only thing you need.   Self forgiveness.
God never judged you to need forgiveness.  You did. Others did.  
The gold cuts through the lies and brings forth the golden ray of enlightenment of God on Earth.  No need to wait till this incarnation's body dies for this freedom.  It is your divine right.
There are so many lines in this stone because there are so many times you were hard on yourself and deemed for GOD, that you were not worthy.  Through all time lines, past, present and future, we bring you this clearing. Immediately you will feel the love and full acceptance.  In this love we know you will want to share the truth with others... that they are loved too.

We hope those that read these words can envelope it's truth through whatever screen you read it upon.  Smile, knowing that no matter what you did, what you thought of doing or what you failed to do, you are loved and deserve to walk tall.  For you are a divine creation of the God most high.  He does not make mistakes.  Your "failures" were his plans as well.  Your ability to trust who you are and where you are from has fallen due to the electric pollution around you.  Look to the sky not to the screen and find your place in the heavens with us."


This is what the purpose of this stone is and its meaning. I will not write what others say this stone is for, because it is not now.  It is yours... you will not find this message in any book nor ever again. It lives only in this moment and offered to the soul that resonates with it.


18 inch chain

2 by 1 inch

Golden Rutilated Necklace Encoded Golden Ray, God and ALL ARCHANGELS

SKU: 602
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