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 You will get both orbs.  One represents healing and understanding the past through the AKASHIC  Records, your book of Life.  This helps to unravel mysteries that may be affecting this life from past lives.  The second, is slightly bigger one, is for healing the present moment to ensure a healthy and happy tomorrow.  

Crystal balls represent feeling complete.  They give a sense of feeling a sense of belonging with Spirit and the universe.  They send out healing energy in all directions at the same time and all time lines.  This shape is perfect for those that really are trying hard to let go of pain from the past for a happy tomorrow, but just cant seem to.  The lithium in it helps your brain to refocus on the positive and end the negative self talk to help your mind be kinder to you and stop scaring the SH%T out of you.  You deserve peace and a mind that supports. you not criticizes you over and over again.

Encoded by a true spiritual alchemist to bring forth the energy of St. Germain here on Earth,
Angel is a Master Transmuter with years of training, indeed lifetimes.  She was the head instructor at a licensed psychic school for 10 years and saw many people with great gifts and intent but no training trying to connect to higher realms and being tricked by  desperate spirits pretending to be something they are not, or opening doors and not knowing how to close them.

In meditation The Masters and Guardians of Earth asked her to create these portal pieces.. pieces that will allow ONLY the encoded Spirit to come through to the Earth plane.  It was like a key to the door of your personal process and prayers.  They said she needed to help more than just the people in her town.  There were half awaken people that were struggling not knowing who to turn to or who to trust.  Angel has personally seen scared or nieve people being taken advantage of through ego of so called mystics and mediums.  She was asked to provide a safe place for these people to connect safely and purly.  Once the Spirit got through, they could work with the person and her services were no longer needed.  It made sense to pay for something once and have it forever and working with you and only you in your own special needs.  They know your skills and your weaknesses and how to support you more than anybody else.  People needed to trust themselves and their own connection to the Divine, not trust another person could connect more than them. It is mere confidence, not being better than another.  We are all one.
How can you teach pure love and then say you are the most powerful or better than another?  
You cannot.

St Germain helps those that are going through a hard time make sense of it all and find peace again.  He is the custodian of the Violet flame of spiritual transmutation and rising from the 3d world to the 5 d world.  Here you will find the peace of the sol not the worries of the mind.  This stone is said in the metaphysical world to help with PTSD, Anxiety and Bipolar.  These are afflictions that put the head and the heart at war instead of using the soul to master them both.  We are here to help, We are here to conquer the illusion of separateness and hierarchy of love.

My listings are long, as we want to help teach those that are not even buying but just reading even to get a message.
If you cannot afford this piece, simply look at it with some violet flame music on youtube and smile.. this releases endorphins to change your brain from stress to joy...mere muscle memory.  Invite St Germain into your life to guide you
The feeling is the prayer, not the world.  Yes the skull helps, but Spirit does not judge by money.
We know the person that does buy this, shares its healing energy with others as well.

​Lepidolite clears electromagnetic pollution and should be placed on computers to absorb the emanations. Lepidolite dissipates negativity, activates and opens the throat, heart, third eye and crown chakras. This can help you to not be afraid to speak up and say no when you need to without feeling guilt and shame.  This can mean people who LIKE to take advantage of your kindness cannot anymore so fall from your life automatically.  They see your new strength so cannot use your kindness as weakness against you anymore.

It clears blockages and brings cosmic awareness. This stone aids in shamanistic or spiritual journeys.  Think of rubbing a balloon on your head and how it picks up everything.  Some of you are picking up things that are not even yours and it can be very exhausting.  You know that feeling of tiredness even after you sleep?  You think so much you probably are not getting a good night sleep for years.

When you are upset or around others that are.. you attract energy just like the balloon does.  Lepidolite helps to keep your energy clear

​Employ it to overcome economic slumps, personally or in business, as it helps you maintain equilibrium even when the marketplace is acting like a roller coaster with funds It can help you maintain a positive outlook when financial markets are unstable.

Crystal balls send out energy in all directions at the same time so super protective and powerful for not just you but for anybody around the stone.

Lepidolite Crystal Ball Set Encoded With Ascended Master St Germain

SKU: 151D
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