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Please please be careful. The market is flooded with fake moldavite right now from China.  Real moldavite prices have gone up 500% since wild mining was prohibited last year.  There are people selling "moldavite" for half of what the wholesale cost is!  THIS NEVER HAPPENS. 

You are buying the highest grade polished moldavite with authenticity cards and money back guarantee from us. We have been selling moldavite for over a decade!!!.  Not sure if it is real.. the price must be matching.  Thinking you are getting a real diamond for $50 is not realiztic. 


Highest grade polished moldavite pendant in solid sterling silver encoded by an Egyptian High Priestess as an actuary.. actually holds..the energy of THOTH. Please use with great respect.
16.5 cts

Angel lived many past lives as a high priest and priestess in Ancient Egypt.  Her job was to take care of the gods here on Earth and help mere mortals communicate with them. Holding the energy of a god on Earth is a sacred art and just because you read a book about egypt or the Law of One does not make you qualified to do this work.  Using ancient techniques, Heka Magic and training an true spiritual alchemy, Angel, through the blessing and authority of the gods, has created this portal piece.
You are not just buying a piece of moldavite, but a portal to the gods.
Use with great respect and only the pure of heart can access the magic that lays in the halls of Amenti

This is not to be treated as a piece of fancy jewelry, but a sacred ritual piece that has divine connection to the Egyptian gods that were messengers here on Earth of the one true God of creation.  This piece is a blessing for those that want to connect and learn but not sure how. When you put yourself out in the universe without knowledge, you can connect to those pretending to be Thoth and other light beings. This is a key allowing THOTH and ONLY Thoth to come to you. A protected and sacred doorway

Working with Thoth needs a special stone, one that can communicate on heaven and earth. Moldavite being originated from both dimensions separately combining to create a new matter is perfect. Thoth helps you to go behind the veil, to see the unseen and not limit yourself to what is known here, but in the universe. When you understand what there is to know, it frees your mind from the trap of limitations others have thrown upon you by hiding your truth. The God of Magic and knowledge is a must for those looking for inspiration and new understandings. What is a lighter to us looked like a god like gift to those of long ago. Unknown physics looks like magic. He helps you to move through phases of your life in grace and acceptance like each phase of the moon holds purpose. The moon represents this and the FACT that it still shines when we cannot see it here on Earth and is Always whole, our perception of it changes, not the actual moon changing. Thoth brings this certainty of who you are into your life through this piece.

Are you ready to wake up? I mean really ready? Laying before you is not just a piece of jewelry, but a cosmic prince/princess cuff. You already know you are a child of the stars and here to help earth. You understand this because you know you have done it through many incarnations. This is your climax. This life is your peak. All other lives were to connect the dots to this life. Your work may be done now. You may need to lay down the weapons, the shields and have faith in mankind and the teachings of God and love and light onto the souls of man.

Moldavite was created when a meteor fell from the Universe onto our Earth and the energy superheated the sand forming moldavite. The contents and energy of the Universe that lay in the meteor is now in the memory complex of the newly formed piece. If you have asked for help from the Universe, this is it. Moldavite is one of the most expensive crystals because of its rarity and connection to Divine wisdom. Moldavite is associated with the heart and third eye (brow) chakras, as well as the crown chakra and this is where the "power" lays.  Many of you are afraid to walk into your own power because you saw it abused before. When you give power to the heart, mind and spirit at the same time, in the same amounts, this makes sure you can trust that you will use your knowledge for good.. they do say knowledge is POWER>

It strengthens and enhances inner journeys, channeling, cosmic consciousness, crystal consciousness, expansion, contact with interdimensional beings. Thoth allows himself to come through this stone so easily because it originated from other realms and is REAL now in your hands. This allows the transference of energy instantaneously. It is a powerful stone, and its energies can at first be intimidating for those that are not aware of its energy, and tends to bring issues to the surface to be transformed, thus making it called "stone of transformation.

Moldavite Pendant. Highest Grade Polished Moldavite With Authenticity Card

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