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Moonstone pendant carved and wrapped with love.  This stone gave itself its own name.  I was editing the pictures and it called out
I never worked with the Pharaohs as much as the gods so was surprised.  It was not Cleopatra coming through asking, but Ra.  He said she was a woman who fought long and hard, sacrificed so much for her people, her beliefs and her country. She tried so hard but still lost.  She gave her life.  Ra wanted to recognise the goddess in us all that has done the same.  She tried to be strong and this is the tear of a goddess in defeat.  

I asked Ra why then..that sounded so sad.  I did not want to put that energy on somebody!  He answered this

"This is just the beginning of the story, not the end.  Here is where we step in to take that energy and that persons pain.. here in releasing it, acknowledging it can we take it to the one true God and help heal, protect and comfort.  When a person tries to hide the pain with bravery they no longer have, it can destroy them.  Those that wear these will know we heard their cry and will come to help. The pattern on it resembles a beetle. The beetle ate the dung and so became a symbol of recognizing our mistakes, seeing them and dealing with them.  We ask for help, forgiveness  and peace.  God does not want you to say sorry to HIM. but to your ownself for allowing yourself to think this pain was deserved and that you were alone.  We so want to help those that have tried, but felt they failed.  They did not fail. The fact that they tried was the victory.  Morality and doing what is right is always seen as a step to enlightenment. There is no loss on this path.  Let them send the tear as a symbol of strength not loss"

Well I think this says enough about this stone.. dont you lol
The base of the wire is copper. Copper is one of the 4 main alchemy metals. It is for spiritual purification, clears blockages to help let go and allow better information to be processed and received.  It is then plated with gold. Gold is the colour of God, of one that is enlightened already.  This means your clarity and healing is coming from God, a pure place you can trust.

Moonstone Pendant. TEAR OF CLEOPATRA. Aiding Woman, Recover After Difficulties

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