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 Very high grade and huge stone at 284 CTS in a teardrop shape set in solid sterling silver.  This piece has been chosen by a Galactic Council to be a portal for one of its people here on Earth. To own this piece you must KNOW you are a starseed from one of the 3 councils that sit in this piece's energies.. Pleiadian, Lyran or Arcturian.  Some of you may be pulled to all 3 star systems, this is because you are an old soul and have had lives on all three.  Do not let this confusion make you think you are unsure... you are unsure how to separate yourself as you are from a place where ALL IS ONE.  You see all these planets and star systems as ONE piece. Its like your pinky finger saying it does not relate to the thumb or index finger.  No .. it gets it,, but it also knows it is not it but a part of it as one


The teardrop is a circle with a triangle on top of it.. this is a very strong sacred geometry symbol combining unity, completeness with the goddess energy of vessel of life. You were sent here to help create a new life here on Earth. It also represents the tears you cry being seen by your star family so they can help offer healings at night and receive downloads.  We have requested that these be done on a soul level, so you will not always remember them, you will just feel better.


Its not easy to be on this plane, it is heavier and you know when people are lying. You want to know why the powers that be do not want us to be connected and have this empathy and telepathy??? IT is because then nobody can lie to each other.  Imagine that!   You need healing and attunement back to your true origin at night or you will start to suffer mentally, physically and spiritually.  Doing it at night makes sure it does not interfere with your day to day life that must be taken care of.  The teardrop also represents a shield of protection against those entities trying to hold you back as they like lying and hurting people. You are a threat as you may already know.  Let the stars protect you.  With this piece, it shields you and gives them permission on an ethereal level to fight for you, hide you, and shine that beautiful light you have on earth.  Trust me, just wearing this piece, you will instantly feel better and the looks and smiles you get from other star seeds will make you giggle.


Mystic Topaz is also known as Fire Topaz, Mystic Fire Topaz, Alaskan ice and Rainbow Topaz. These are all different names used to describe the same stone which is White Topaz treated by titanium vapour to imbue the stone with a permanent rainbow of colours.  They start with a topaz, which has a pretty close frequency to human DNA.  This first base really helps you to feel better in this body


Topaz is said to promote the successful completion of endeavours; it also improves relationships through better quality and clarity of communication and understanding. I know you do not understand how people can do what they do to each other.  That is why it hurts so much, things people do to you YOU WOULD NEVER DO TO THEM.  This piece is going to help you not take it so personally and let it drip off you so you dont keep thinking of it over and over again. Overthinking is one of your downfalls my friend.


Insight gained through the influence of topaz encourages clarity and a deeper understanding of oneself and the areas around personal expansion and growth. This helps not only the people around you but your incarnation here on Earth.  Your understanding and compassion for others must start with yourself.  Be a better friend to your old self.. do not betray him or her.. grant them peace instead. The stones different rays of light shine all spiritual knowledge onto situations and heals them mentally as well. The mind needs to understand to let go.  This helps to break of the dark hole..the abysse of past pain with light...sometimes the answer to why some things happened in your life is simply...."they  were in pain and took it out on did not deserve it...let it go and give it back to them and then to God"

Clearer thinking improves overall health, and the ability to trust others is encouraged as clarity provides understanding and insight into those around you.  WHen you get hurt alot, you shut down. You feel safer behind a wall. Would you carry an umbrella around all day every day just incase it rained?  What if the umbrella weighed 100 pounds?  Put it down, you know where it is when and IF you need it.  This piece is encoded with the high counsels to help you rethink, repurpose the problems into practically solutions and when to know when this one is not your responsibility.

I know the right person is already knowing this will help

Pleiadians help with healing
Lyrans will help with inspiration and problem solving
Arcturians will assist in implementing said guidance

Many of you may have had images as a child of a set of 3 beings.. or blue light of different heights at your bed at. night.  This was them!

Mystic Topaz Pendant. Super Galactic Portal Piece. Communicate With Pleiadians

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