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This is a beautiful and uniquely designed piece of artisan jewelry.
Pietersite set in sterling silver  and those that feel they are from the stars and incarnated here as a Indigo Adult will find it tremendously healing for adjusting to Earths frequencies but still untalize your gifts

Pietersite is an important tool in bringing pent-up, internalized feelings and conflicts to the surface, allowing the unsaid and unexamined to erupt in an emotional outpouring that not only clears the air, but begins the process of healing. Whether in relationships or within oneself, the results always move toward the highest good. 

An excellent ally for those who are stuck or unable to make progress, Pietersite helps to clear stagnant energies, habits and life patterns, and reveals new directions for one's life. It also lends the will to take action toward those new goals. [Ahsian, 306]

Pietersite removes the illusion of separateness, and the beliefs and conditioning imposed by others. It brings one to the source of their own inner guidance, and assists one in recognizing the truth or falsehood of others' words or actions. It promotes speaking out and exploring anything that may hinder access to one's own truth.

Pietersite Sterling Silver Pendant. Anti Anxiety, Depression Aid, Protection

SKU: 462
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