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Sterling silver ring.

I cannot resize.  I buy the metal pieces and then set the stone.  I don't do silversmithing as its too expensive if i mess up!


This is a beautiful ring with a high setting so light shines through the Andara. Its highly faceted and this too allows light to fill your space with light photons or information packages from the crystal into your aura and your environment.

The side accents are Zircon and the ring is stamped as 925 silver.


You are going to smile and feel warm inside as soon as you hold this ring or even just see it
Pink is the colour for self compassion and being gentle with yourself.  You are a people pleaser and it's time to please yourself as well and know what is best for you and not do what everybody else wants you to do.


We are so blessed to channel and co create with the Angelic Realm.  This colour was chosen by Archangel Chamuel.  This colour represents self compassion and healing a gentle heart.  i sit with each stone in meditation after it is ground and polished to infuse the energy of this Angel.  We then bless it and consecrate it with water from the Archangel Michael vortex in Lake Louise to ensure its purity and vibrational energy.


Monatomic Andara crystals are like an obsidian glass material made up of monatomic metallic elements that were heated to high temperatures either by volcanic forces, meteor strike or other heat producing phenomena. Monatomic metallic elements are powder-like in form and transmute to glass under high heat, similar to obsidian.  There are a few pieces that are called out by Archangel Chamuel. Those that are called, will be able to know the pieces from the regular and is the way he will choose them as well as the crystal.


I will not write my opinion of Archangel Chamuel as I do not want to influence out of ego or my opinion, but of the truth of the world of who he is through antiquity.


The name Chamuel translates from the Hebrew language as “He who seeks God” with the modern meaning of the name being “comfort & compassion”.  This energy brings with it the embodiment of God’s/the Universe’s unconditional love and compassion. 


Archangel Chamuel and his energy acts as a conduit for the universe’s love and peace. This is a powerful vibration that can aid us to heal emotional and spiritual wounds that have been held in this life and past lives. His vibration is a beautiful yet strong one, which lends itself with the purpose of healing ourselves and others through compassion, peace, support and love. When this energy is present, we are connected to this ancient cosmic love, our souls remember this energy from our origins and lives which allows us to connect with the light and heal in safety. Chamuel is transformative energy for Empaths to incorporate into their lives and healing journey as well as those who are ready to shed old emotional or spiritual wounds to step into the light vibration of the universe. 

Do not buy this piece if you are not going to handle sacred knowledge with grace, good for all and in the light and love of the infinite creator.
It will not work for you.
It will just be a piece of glass to those that are not pure of heart.


I know these pieces are special,... so I know you must be too.

Pink Andara Crystal Ring With Authenticity Card, Archangel Chamuel, Healing...

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