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I AM RA CITRINE.  Raw citrine stones set in solid sterling silver ring
The ring is adjustable.  Two raw stones. One represents you, one represents RA. Together it creates one beautiful piece. Includes Authenticity Card

Introducing a new energy to our collection and Earth.
This is divinely inspired, high vibrational jewelry that is inspired by
The Law Of One Channelling and RA

High grade natural citrine infused by a true alchemist and Spiritual Channeller of the social memory complex represented 
by RA, god of the Sun

Channelled message for RA  CITRINE I channelled 
If you resonate with it, not just in words but in the heart chakra, if you feel it when you read this. this piece is for you
If not, do not buy it just because it is pretty and powerful.

I shine light upon you that is not just from the sun, but from true creation of your Divinity.  Your memory complex has become distorted into something it was never created to hold.  There is an adjustment that needs to take place for true and final ascension into the afterlife of light and love.  We no longer walk the Earth as we once did, as many are not ready to accept their true nature or distort the message of Light.  We have found with the passing of your star system into higher energy vortexes of your perceived universe, some of you have naturally evolved to be reintroduced to our frequency.    You choose to be and this is the only way to master the art of Ascension, by choice, not illumination to the option of it.  It must be found through your journey, no maps, or no outside influence.  We have reentered your consciousness as the rules have changed due to outside interference from other energies that are influencing your free will.  The universe is all about balance.

We have called upon one of our children to walk with us and shine light upon those that choose to be illuminated.  These pieces of stone from your plane that we have chosen through those that walk on Earth hold our divine support in your journey.  Be aware that this does not mean we influence your choices but only shine light onto your own circles of the heart to aid in your free will.  

Clarity, Joy, Abundance, Confidence to truly give freely and to see others as a reflection of your creation,  is this gift we decent onto Earth and into hands that are ready.  Not all that claim to be ready, are.  They are still under a distortion of ego of power and lust.  By reading this you should feel the frequency in the heart.  This is something  nobody can sell you, but you must ignite on your own.

Walk with us so we may walk with you. This talisman of the sun, joy and prosperity for all is a key to your divine kingdom
Go in peace and brotherhood to the one true creator.

Raw Citrine Adjustable Ring. Encoded By An Egyptian High Priestess

SKU: 49
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