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Large seraphinite Crystal Healing Pendant From Russia that was taken to the Archangel Michael Vortex in Lake Louise and blessed in its holy waters. I am so lucky to live 2 hours from the only world wide recognized vortex for Michael. He is the Angel of Protection, Courage, strength and wisdom.   


If you are somebody looking for some healing for yourself, but a very private person, this is idea for you.  Seraphinite is an expensive stone from Russia but its energy make the hunt for it and the desire to have it so worth it.  When you help others, people tend to forget that sometimes you might need help.  You might even be an empath and KNOW without anybody asking for help what they need so when you need help you think they know you need help but are not offering. This leaves you feeling abandoned and unimportant.   This can make you stop trusting people.  You can trust the Angels. They will bring the light of God and the Holy Spirit into your life and never fail you or leave you behind.


Seraphinite assists in releasing emotional patterns and tendencies that no longer serve the soul and spirit. It brings an enlightened, joyful energy and allows one to react to life in a balanced so you do not feel resentful when you do give.


This stone, encourages the appreciation of all that is growing - physically, emotionally or spiritually, and encourages the refinements of tenderness and care. It defines a sense of order - in life, in the universe, even in chaos - lending the understanding that one is neither helpless nor hopeless in the creation or correction of one's personal reality. [Melody, 212]


Seraphinite enhances social skills and inspires better relationships. It aids in resolving conflicts, and promotes reconciliation and constructive compromise. It is a powerful stone for bringing the elements of nonphysical bodies into alignment with the "I am" column of the spinal cord. It is both centering and energizing at the same time, and though this stone may be utilized for any or all chakras, it is particularly attuned to the Heart Chakra.


2.5 inches by 1.4 inches

Seraphinite Pendant Blessed At The Archangel Michael Vortex At Lake Louise.

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