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A dynamic new type of psychology that incorporates all the parts of the human experience.  Zen Master Nissim Amon created it after over 20 years of research, study and practice.  It incorporates not just the mind, but also the heart and the centre, an awakening of self.  

Trilotherapy uses many different ways to help you awaken yourself to your own life without guilt, remorse, negativity or stress.  Could you imagine what your life would be like without all of these things?  Would you make better decisions and feel better about yourself?  Once you awaken, you will like who you wake up beside, yourself!

Some examples of the areas Trilotherapy can assist with:




Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Post traumatic stress disorder

Post partum

Sleep problems

Couples counselling


Corporate guidance

Business coaching

Career guidance

Multiple sclerosis



The Home of OM - Nissim Amon

How It Works

Many of the great spiritual teachers of the West separate us all into our parts.  One teacher calls your heart “the pain body”, while another tells us to “observe the mind” and yet another just tells us how the mind controls our emotions.  We are separate from ourselves to find ourselves, calling one part good and one part bad.  We are more than pieces put together like a patchwork quilt.  They fall apart easily when put through the wash.  We want to be whole and confident that no matter what, we will be all right. Trilotherapy unites all parts of you.


We use a combination of Western psychology and Zen Buddhism while incorporating elements of Gestalt.  Gestalt is a psychology term that means to help you see the whole picture and work on why you perceive the things you do.  Once again it is looking at the small parts but making a whole picture.  This matters because it helps you understand your ability to acquire and maintain meaningful perceptions in a chaotic world.  It is a uniting of the awakened one.  An awakening to the Buddha within.   


This is not about a religion, but a state of mind.  A centering that does not just change your outlook on a problem you are having, but on how you see the world and gives you long lasting results.  After all, trusting your heart, mind and center with the teachings of a Zen Master, is a good start.


We will help you through the rest with breathing exercises, finding out how you were imprinted, how your own mind perceive things, Chinese medicine techniques, and so much more.  Find out who you really are, what your triggers are, why they are triggers and how to silence them for good.


Our only goal is to end the suffering of the mind.  All suffering occurs in the mind.  This must also means that so does joy.  Trilotherapy helps replace the suffering with joy.


Become a Troilotherapist

The Home of OM has been given the honour, by Zen Master Nissim Amon, to be the only Dojo in Canada authorized to train and certify therapists.  You will be lead through the program with his appointed Dojo Sensei on how to help individuals, couples, children, and even corporations.  


You will be trained on how to use breathing techniques, meditation, Chinese medicine, reading the lines of the hand, guiding your clients through maps of their lives and emotions, and helping them to awaken to their lives.  You will receive all of Zen Master Nissim Amon’s guided meditations to use privately and professionally as well as the suggested music to incorporate into your practice.  These classes will be taught in the Zen Tradition by the Dojo Sensei who has constant guidance from Nissim himself.


To ensure you have time to digest and truly process the experience of each session, we will be meeting once a month.  You will be asked to practice what you learn on friends and family.  If you don't have anyone to practice on, we will help you find participants from the school to work with.  You won't be left on your own when you leave the Dojo.


This is a 2 step process, after first year you will be allowed to practice Trilotherapy and will have covered approximately 50% of the material. The experience you get from sharing these techniques with others through sessions is extremely valuable in your development and understanding of the teachings.  Upon completion of the second program, you will have completed the remaining lessons and will receive the full diploma. At this point you will be a registered Trilotherapist through Zen Master Nissim Amon.


Please be advised that we receive an incredible amount of interest when it is offered so watch for our newsletters, website announcements and Workshop listing for the next scheduled program.  Typically a deposit is required to hold your spot, with remainder of the payment due prior to the commencement of the program.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

The Home of OM - Trilotherapy
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